PSA: Why I Got the Covid Vaccine ~ A HUMOR COLUMN

Not sure about getting the Covid vaccine? ~ Here’s a little humorous story for your Sunday afternoon reading!

😂 Read my top three reasons why I got vaccinated. Maybe it will inspire you to get yours!

Now here is a little “story behind the story” about going to get it:

My husband and I both registered for the vaccine at the same time but for some reason he did not get an appointment but I did. He decided to come with me to get mine as his sister is a nurse and was working at the station where I was scheduled to get mine and he would hopefully have the chance to see her.

As we were headed to the location for me to get my shot she called and said she heard that they were closing down for the day at the exact time of my scheduled appointment due to a storm that was predicted to arrive and that if we hurried and got there she would ask the gate attendants to let us in.

We drove as fast as we safely could and when we got there they were turning people away. Luckily, the attendant asked our names and she waved us through the gate. We were literally the last car in line. And, since they closed early, they had extra doses prepared so they went ahead and gave my husband his shot, too!

We were very fortunate in more ways than one because the storm did come and actually turned into a tornado that hit a mile from us and caused great devastation, but fortunately no loss of life, to our area.

I am very thankful that we were safe, thankful that my sister-in-law was able to alert us to the early closing, thankful for everyone involved in creating and rolling out the vaccines, thankful that my husband was able to get one and thankful that we are fully vaccinated……..but maybe for different reasons than you might think. So I hope you check out my column to find out why I so desperately wanted one.

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SUNny DAY Post: A Sunny Summer ~ favorite things to do, places to go, and fashions to wear!

Summer Faves: Saturday Market Fashions for keeping your cool!

Got my cute straw bag from World Market and added my own yellow scarf tied to the handles. It’s perfect for carrying my peaches, tomatoes, blueberries, and flowers.

Despite what the back-to-school calendar says we are in fact in the middle of summer, not at the end of it. And, I don’t know about you, but the temperatures where I am back this up…..all the way into the 90’s!

Every year I have a few favorite summertime traditions that I look forward to and I thought that over the next few days I would share four of my summer faves with you in case you were still looking for something to squeeze into the last part of summer, or the last few days, if your summer vacation is dictated by the school board. Either way, there are still plenty of warm, (hot!), summer days, and nights, left on the calendar and a little planning will help ensure that you don’t miss out on the fun. Just remember to keep your cool! Cheers to summer! ~ Sunny

One of my absolute favorite things I look forward to about summer is the…. Continue reading

SUNny DAY POST: The Gemini Syndrome

It’s another lazy Sunday afternoon, which means it’s time for another SUNny DAY POST!

And, Happy July! I realized that I forgot to share my June B-Metro Magazine column with you so here it is. Hope it gives you a little laugh. And, for all my fellow Gemini’s ~ I am sure that you will recognize yourselves…..all of them! 😉 #twinning

June B-Metro Magazine Column

These photos perfectly illustrate my feelings at any time: Continue reading

SUNny DAY POST: I’m in the Swim!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

Like it or not swimsuit season is upon us and for the first time in years I have something fun to look forward to about it! I’m so excited about my new retro style swim cap that I had to do a blog post about it!

If you’ve ever noticed in my photos, I have been blessed with a lot of hair, and it takes for-ever to dry it. And, every summer for the last 30 years (I swear) I have said that I wanted to get me one of those glamorous swim caps like they wore in that marvelous mid-century era of the 1950’s, to cover my hair and keep it dry so that after I finish spending a day at the pool I can just take a quick shower and I’m good to go for a fun night on the town! Or, at least until 9:30, Haha! I should say that I will be good to go straight to bed, (for  fun, or sleep? 😉 but either way I won’t have to spend the next hour drying my hair.

One thing I did not want was one of those skull caps, you know, the kind that competitive swimmers wear. It’s bad enough having to be in a swimsuit, with no makeup. And, no tan. You think I want to wear a skull cap, too? I wanted one that would make me look, and feel, like Esther Williams in “Bathing Beauty”! Okay, I’ll settle for feel like Esther Williams.

SB Pool Swimcap4

Wish you were here!




Recently, we were headed for a b’day trip to the beach for a few days and I finally took the plunge and bought one I found online and I love it! In fact, I love the whole company that sells them so I have to tell you about them.







I ordered mine from Amazon but it was created and sent by the company Headcovers Unlimited. I did not know anything about them until the package arrived, and I was so pleasantly surprised at their attention to detail and the care with which they took to wrap the product and how pretty it all was. And, then I read their story about how being a cancer survivor inspired the creation of their company so, I wanted to take the time to let you guys know about them.



So, if you are considering a fun retro style swim cap to keep you, and your hair, looking like a fabulous bathing beauty, or if you just want to add a little vintage glamour to the poolside scene, click the links to read their story and to read all the fascinating information they have about the history of swimwear fashion. They also have lots of good information about how to care for your hair with all the chlorine and sun it gets exposed to during the summer.

I have to say that although it did keep my hair dry while I was just splashing around in the pool, a little water did seep in underneath when I laid my head back on the float in the water. They do recommend putting on another covering under your cap to make it actually waterproof, but I knew I wasn’t going to submerge myself fully underwater anyway. I wanted it more for exactly what is was, to stylishly keep my hair dry while enjoying the pool with a little retro glam! In fact, I love my blue flower petal one so much that I am thinking of ordering me another one in sunny yellow! (I also want a multi-color one!) I hope y’all will check them out!

Here are a few fun photos we did in homage to the original Million Dollar Mermaid, Esther Williams!  Also, there is a little video of me unpacking the cap over on my Facebook page so you can see how cute and pretty they send their product. (All photos of me by Billy Brown Photo)

SB Pool Swimcap

And, bonus, my blue swim cap compliments perfectly my new swimsuits I bought at Steinmart. They were having a huge sale, so I bought two for less than I usually spend on one. Click the link to see the one piece floral one. (I couldn’t find the black two-piece floral one online.)

Hope you enjoy your summer and that you find the perfect swimwear fashions to add some retro glam to your summer wardrobe.

Happy swimming! ~ Sunny xo



SB Pool Swimcap2




*Bonus: All photos taken at mom’s. I am lucky enough to have my Mom live at the beach!







Hope you enjoy a few pics of our stay at the Conklin Resort 🙂



SUNny DAY POST: (Almost) Empty Nest

Here’s my latest column for a little humorous reading on this Sunday afternoon. It seems we could always do with a little laughter in the day and I hope this gives you a chuckle, especially any of you out there about to become an Empty Nester ( or so you think 😉 with graduation season upon us this month.

As always, thanks so much for reading ~ Sunny


Photo: Billy Brown

SUNny DAY POST: “What’s Cooking?” A Poem for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month ~ so here’s a little poem I wrote: #SundaySupper 😉

SB Perrys

Photo: Billy Brown  ©sunnybrown

SUNny DAY Post:

I don’t know about you, but for me, Sunday’s are a great day to get caught up on all the housework…….NOT! Hahahaha! It IS a great day to curl up on the sofa and catch up on your reading ~ so I’m sharing my latest column from this month’s B-Metro Magazine and hoping it gives you a little laugh. My husband still hasn’t decided if it’s a good thing or not 😉 Happy Sunday! ~ Sunny

SB BMetro 2


SUNNdaY Post! ;)

I am so excited to announce that I am debuting my new show “An Invisible Woman ~ The disappearing act of a 50 year old!” this October 26, 27 & 28, 2017.

Poking fun at society’s message that women should fade away once they turn 50 it’s an evening of comedy, music and fun guaranteed to make you laugh. I have a terrific band and a couple of very “Handsome Men” that you don’t want to miss. Click here for tickets and details. It’s a “must see”! 😉 ~ Sunny xo

SB IW VST web8x12v4

Photo: Billy Brown

My B-Metro Column: Sunny’s Entertaining ~ Xmas in July, Baby, it’s Hot Inside!


SB xmas

Well, it happened again. For some reason I thought that maybe, just maybe, baking the Southern Living magazine Christmas cake in July would not be as frantic as it is when trying to make it in December. And once again, I was wrong. But, when your nieces ask if you can have a Christmas in July cake baking party you don’t stop to think about the details, you just say it’s a plan! And, so now, I just make myself crazy twice a year. Because, let’s face it, with or without the SLCC, December is the craziest time of the year. And now, July is, too! The best way I thought to sum it up for you was in this little poem. So, here’s the latest scoop on our Second Annual Christmas in July Southern Living magazine cake baking party (sung roughly to the tune of “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.”)

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the air inside is so delightful

Now that it’s five below

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.

This heat doesn’t show signs of breaking

And I’ve got a cake that’s baking

So I’ve turned the air down real low

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.

I don’t know what I was thinking

I guess I must have been drinking

I should have just said “No”

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow

It sounded like fun at the time

To celebrate Christmas in July

So when your nieces ask you to make

A Southern Living Christmas Cake…

Just say no. Just say no. Just say no.

Just because it’s summer

Doesn’t mean it will be “funner”

Your nerves will still be shot

And the kitchen too damn hot

Just say no. Just say no. Just say no.

The whole of summer break

Is not long enough to make this cake

Too soon they will go back to school

I hope by then that it will be cool.

We won’t have time to make the garnish

On all 27 steps we moved too slow

But it should still taste delish

Just say no. Just say no. Just say no.

I think I’ve learned my lesson

That we should have started sooner

And so next time I will remember

Unless we start it in December

I. will. Just. Say. “No”.

Oh, boy—I sure hope so, I hope so,

I hope so!

You can see all the fun on my website at

Until next time…Cheers! ~ Sunny

Photo: Billy Brown