Entertainer, Comedienne, Writer, Actress, Wife, Mom to two great kids, Empty Nester, and one of the last of the red, hot, Baby Boomers!!

Hi, there! My name is Sunny ~ Welcome to my world. I’m always entertaining ~ whether it’s On Stage, On Page, At Home or even Alone, entertaining my own thoughts and dreams. I love to share ideas and information about family, home, fashion, health & beauty, and enjoying life ~ no matter your age, or income! I am an empty nester and a late bloomer (!) so, I love to share stories, information and encouragement about self-discovery later in life. But, mostly, I love to share a few laughs about being a woman over 50! I look forward to sharing this journey with YOU, so thank you for connecting with me here on my website!

I also write and perform with three other funny, fabulous ladies as part of a comedy variety act “Feminine Hyjinx”, write a monthly humor column “The Glamorous Life!”, for B-Metro Magazine, and have released a book of humor essays entitled “#LMAO Laughing My A** Off! ~ A collection of humor essays to help you Lose Weight!”. Whew!-forget about hats – that’s a lot of shoes to wear, all while embracing life after 50 and adjusting to having an empty nest-it’s all about Reinvention.

And, oh, yes ~ I am currently performing my comedy variety show “An Invisible Woman ~ The disappearing act of a Woman Over 50!” I hope you’ll have the chance to come “see” me in it soon!

Love & Laughter ~ always,

~ Sunny

P.S. I’m very active on instagram. You can can find me there @instagram.com/itsreallysunny