Sunny’s Scrapbook!

Here I share some behind-the-scenes photos and outtakes from my photo and video shoots, backstage and rehearsal pictures from my shows, photos from my childhood, of family, friends and pets, previously published articles and columns-scenes from a life. Thanks for dropping by:)

Here are some photos from my one-woman (& two-men) show “An Invisible Woman ~ the disappearing act of a woman over 50!”. It was so much fun and the audiences loved it! I love having family and friends come visit after the show! I can’t wait for things to open back up again and entertain live audiences. Nothing like it!

RIP, Sadie ~ The Best Dog Ever! Dec. 2001 ~ Dec. 2017

April 2017

Heading out to entertain the lovely ladies of the PEO at their private event performing my monologues and reading essays from my book.


May 2016

I had a wonderful time performing for CAT Cabaret’s 1st B’day Party! I am excited about our next project together coming very soon so stay tuned!:)


With the wonderful Carl Peoples and Renee Davis



I love when friends come to support:) My good friend Deanny. xo


December 2015


Celebrating our dear  Jan’s B’day with my partners in fun ~ Feminine Hyjinx!


It’s so much fun when friends come to see your show and stay to have pictures made!

Us ladies of Feminine Hyjinx with the wonderful Carl Peoples.


In our dressing room before the show. The ladies of Feminine Hyjinx: Kristi Tingle-Higginbothom, Kristin Staskowski, Jan Hunter, Sunny Brown.


With our music director Debbie Mielke. Having pictures made with friends and fans after our Christmas show.

10869742_10203276680385935_9072561567282750966_o  10351162_10152675835924775_8929614168022739624_n

Here’s another one of my favorite columns for B-Metro Magazine about celebrating Mother’s Day. I talked my darling daughter into posing for me the way she always does when she is making my favorite cocktail just as I taught her:) Then you see the behind-the-scene shots. I did not know she did this, but I knew she did something because they were all laughing. My  sweet Sadie was wanting my attention. Pretty much sums up all the craziness in our photo shoots. I am lucky she has such a good sense of humor about things. Of course, it drives her nuts when I tell her she got it from me:) Photos: Billy Brown Photography

Sunny_BMetro  SunnyMomDay  SunnyMomDay2-1 SunnyMomDay3

#tbt You never really stray too far from where you started. I am looking for another costume like this since I can’t fit into it anymore-I’ve gained like a hundred pounds since then:)


Here’s an article I wrote for B-Metro Magazine celebrating my love for picnics and parks-and picnicking in the park!:) Photos, again, by that talented husband of mine-Billy Brown Photography.


It’s always wonderful to work with talented and professional people. Here I am with my dream team of makeup/hair/stylist. Behind the Scenes shots of photo shoot with Lindsay Garret, Shelby McDonald, and Tracy James. Photographer: Billy Brown

_DSC3186 _DSC3188

Some of my BFF’s coming to see my show Feminine Hyjinx!

Glamorous Girlfriends

Behind the Scenes: Backstage Babes!

Backstage with my partners in fun- Feminine Hyjinx performing for Applause for the Cause benefiting UAB Nursing School in B’ham, AL.


One of my favorite columns in B-Metro Magazine: Just Me and My Selfie. Photo credit this time actually goes to my right hand.


News From the Empty Nest: My Pets:)

Standing Guard at the Door. We know who is in charge around here. We are all a little scared of her!


Here’s an article I wrote for B-Metro Magazine featuring my love for Mid-Century-Modern houses and the lifestyle they offer. Photos by my talented hubby-Billy Brown Photography.

BMetro1     BMetro2 BMetro2

This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the mornings 😮 It’s a good thing my husband always checks on me!


This pretty much sums up most of our evenings now:)


One of my previous columns for B-Metro Magazine on the importance of giving your children piano lessons! Trust me, it’s not for them, it’s for YOU!


We don’t actually have a pet pumpkin but it is news of our first Halloween as Empty Nesters.




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