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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to booking and hiring entertainment and you want to choose the BEST ~ and laughter certainly is the best choice, especially when it’s wrapped around an inspiring message!

Comedienne and Entertainer, Sunny Brown, is an experienced professional and vivacious performer who you can trust to deliver fun filled entertainment for your event. She is easy to work with and understands how to connect to an audience. Audiences love Sunny’s bubbly personalty and “dumb blonde” with an inspiring message. You can relax, knowing that your event will be filled with laughter and a sense of connection, and enjoy the accolades you receive for making your event come together so smoothly.

“I love to work with organizations and brands that promote health, wellness and beauty from the inside, especially as it applies to women over 50, as well as inspiration for re-inventing yourself for your “second act” or just getting to know yourself as a “late bloomer”.  I can relate! I believe that the best comedy has a message of empowerment underneath the laughs. And I look forward to sharing that with you at your next event.”


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