SUNny DAY POST: I’m in the Swim!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

Like it or not swimsuit season is upon us and for the first time in years I have something fun to look forward to about it! I’m so excited about my new retro style swim cap that I had to do a blog post about it!

If you’ve ever noticed in my photos, I have been blessed with a lot of hair, and it takes for-ever to dry it. And, every summer for the last 30 years (I swear) I have said that I wanted to get me one of those glamorous swim caps like they wore in that marvelous mid-century era of the 1950’s, to cover my hair and keep it dry so that after I finish spending a day at the pool I can just take a quick shower and I’m good to go for a fun night on the town! Or, at least until 9:30, Haha! I should say that I will be good to go straight to bed, (for  fun, or sleep? 😉 but either way I won’t have to spend the next hour drying my hair.

One thing I did not want was one of those skull caps, you know, the kind that competitive swimmers wear. It’s bad enough having to be in a swimsuit, with no makeup. And, no tan. You think I want to wear a skull cap, too? I wanted one that would make me look, and feel, like Esther Williams in “Bathing Beauty”! Okay, I’ll settle for feel like Esther Williams.

SB Pool Swimcap4

Wish you were here!




Recently, we were headed for a b’day trip to the beach for a few days and I finally took the plunge and bought one I found online and I love it! In fact, I love the whole company that sells them so I have to tell you about them.







I ordered mine from Amazon but it was created and sent by the company Headcovers Unlimited. I did not know anything about them until the package arrived, and I was so pleasantly surprised at their attention to detail and the care with which they took to wrap the product and how pretty it all was. And, then I read their story about how being a cancer survivor inspired the creation of their company so, I wanted to take the time to let you guys know about them.



So, if you are considering a fun retro style swim cap to keep you, and your hair, looking like a fabulous bathing beauty, or if you just want to add a little vintage glamour to the poolside scene, click the links to read their story and to read all the fascinating information they have about the history of swimwear fashion. They also have lots of good information about how to care for your hair with all the chlorine and sun it gets exposed to during the summer.

I have to say that although it did keep my hair dry while I was just splashing around in the pool, a little water did seep in underneath when I laid my head back on the float in the water. They do recommend putting on another covering under your cap to make it actually waterproof, but I knew I wasn’t going to submerge myself fully underwater anyway. I wanted it more for exactly what is was, to stylishly keep my hair dry while enjoying the pool with a little retro glam! In fact, I love my blue flower petal one so much that I am thinking of ordering me another one in sunny yellow! (I also want a multi-color one!) I hope y’all will check them out!

Here are a few fun photos we did in homage to the original Million Dollar Mermaid, Esther Williams!  Also, there is a little video of me unpacking the cap over on my Facebook page so you can see how cute and pretty they send their product. (All photos of me by Billy Brown Photo)

SB Pool Swimcap

And, bonus, my blue swim cap compliments perfectly my new swimsuits I bought at Steinmart. They were having a huge sale, so I bought two for less than I usually spend on one. Click the link to see the one piece floral one. (I couldn’t find the black two-piece floral one online.)

Hope you enjoy your summer and that you find the perfect swimwear fashions to add some retro glam to your summer wardrobe.

Happy swimming! ~ Sunny xo



SB Pool Swimcap2




*Bonus: All photos taken at mom’s. I am lucky enough to have my Mom live at the beach!







Hope you enjoy a few pics of our stay at the Conklin Resort 🙂