I wasn’t sure what to call this first post on my new blog, but, after finally getting it up (and I have never had that much difficulty in getting things up before!), I must say I had to pour myself a little celebratory bubbly, so, cheers!

I am celebrating all of the many changes in my life right now, and it feels good to have a blog again, it’s been almost two years (!) since I last had one. One of the most profound changes in my life is that I am a newly Empty Nester! I am still sad drinking now, but will be glad when I am celebratory drinking again after a period of adjustment!

For any of you parents going through this, too, we will get through it, I hear from the ones who have treaded this road before us. I am actually thinking it might be a very short period of adjustment for us these days, with all of the new ways our kids can keep tabs on us, I mean-in touch with us. In fact, my latest column for B-Metro Magazine is about this.

Here is a link-hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to our blogging!~Cheers!~Sunny xo

“My Virtual Empty Nest”