Mom’s Favorite!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the moms out there!

Everyone knows that Mom has a favorite! Here’s a little laugh for you to enjoy in all that quiet reading time you are going to have this weekend! 😉 It’s one of my favorite columns that I have written for B-Metro Magazine and I think you will enjoy it, too! Share it with a mom in your life who needs a laugh!

Who can relate? Leave a comment and tell mw your favorite. Shhhhh! I promise I won’t tell!

Mom’s Favorite!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here is the photo used for my May column in B-Metro Magazine, along with the out takes I promised I would post. My daughter was, and always is a good sport and I appreciate her sense of humor. I did not know she had pretended to knock it back until I saw the proofs. Is she trying to say that I am driving her crazy?

Disclaimer: No minors, or, more importantly, no martinis, were harmed in the making of these photos.


~Sunny:) xo



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