New Year’s Resolutions 2015!

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a good start so far! How are those resolutions going? They say if you tell someone about your goals that it will help you stick to them. So I am sharing mine, here with you!;) *wink*wink*


Cheers~and Good Luck in 2015!

Sunny xo

Happy Halloween from a BOOmer Babe!

Okay, Everybody~ Here is the last of me being such a witch. I have always been a big fan of the Pin-Up Girl (and so has my husband!) and we have had a good time creating these little mini pin-up style “posters” with some of the out takes from my October B-Metro Magazine shoot. I’m always trying to entertain you a little;) Even at 50, I guess, once a pin-up girl-always a pin-up girl! I just might celebrate my 50th birthday all year and do these all year long! I’m just having fun! Thank you all for all the likes and following me here. I appreciate it very much! ~Sunny xo

P.S. You can check out a few more of the out-takes in the new photo gallery on the right:)

Happy Halloween!


Woman Gives Birth to 50 Year Old! ~In Heels!

I think I forgot to share my June Column in B-Metro Magazine. So here’s a #FlashBackFriday to two months ago as my 50th Birthday was nipping at my heels! 😮

Cheers to all of us Last of the Red Hot Baby Boomers!~Sunny:) xo


Simply Sunny ~ It’s the Little Things in Life…

Simply Sunny ~ It's the Little Things in Life...

Here are a few special moments from last week; I found a Four Leaf clover on my morning walk, spending time with my “Oldie Goldie”, savoring Afternoon Tea and flowers in the sunlight, and enjoying the company of a little ladybug out in the courtyard. Remember to take the time to “see” and enjoy the little things in life. It’s those quiet moments that I have found make time move a little slower. Something we definitely want at this stage in life!

Enjoy your moments!~Sunny:)

AND~ I learned to use this new iphone photo app that lets you make a collage of your photos-Keep on learning!……