Foto Friday!-Wait! Got a Jump start on the weekend!-LOL:)

Now it really is Foto Friday! ~Cheers to the weekend everyone:) ~Sunny

Sunny Brown

Here’s another flashback from my not too long ago 50th Birthday shoot shot by that fabulous photographer husband of mine Billy Brown. We have been working together for thirty years now and enjoy having a close creative partnership! We have thousands of images…..but I won’t bore you with all those ~ maybe just this one 😉


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Sunny & Blonde!

Sunny & Blonde!

Just checking in here to keep in touch, and to make sure I remember how to do this! I find that if I don’t do something consistently, at least at first, I can’t remember how to do it, especially if it involves the computer, to much consternation of my family, which implies I frantically call out to them for help, but about which I will remain silent.

Anyway-it’s been a very productive week. Rehearsals for our show “Feminine Hijynx” are going well, learning lines, and songs, staging, etc. I’ve gotten great feedback on my book from some people who are reading it, so that’s exciting! Can’t wait for it to be finished and published so I can share it with you guys. We had a wonderful photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with the super talented team of pros and got the first five photos for the book shot. Got so many great shots it will be hard to choose! We are in the planning stages for the next shoot and then one more-whew!

Two of my favorite things that have happened recently: I bought a new dress-a Lauren by Ralph Lauren-which I LOVE! I bought it for the B-Metro Magazine Pink Party, benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness. It is blue. But, hey, I was still wearing pink-no one said you had to be able to see it! The other thing, and most important is: I got my hair done! It is truly cause for celebration! I’ve been under a hat for the last five days. No more-I forecast it will be Sunny and blonde! At least for the next five weeks!

Share the Laughter!~Sunny:) xo


P.S. Still working on getting this site finished~Thanks for patience:)