Spring Break Boomer Babe!

I was out running some errands yesterday and I couldn’t understand why it was so crowded everywhere I went. There was lots of traffic on the roads, the restaurant had a line out the door where I stopped to grab lunch, and the Target was packed. Then I noticed that kids were everywhere and it dawned on me that it was Spring Break.

This is the first time in about 21 years that I am not living on the school calendar. As you may know, this is my first year as an Empty Nester and it has taken some getting used to. Both of my kids are in college on the other side of the country, at different schools, and they have different Spring Breaks, and instead of coming home, they are going on trips with friends. When I realized it was our local Spring Break, I started feeling sad, remembering all the fun family trips we have taken over the years and how much I miss doing that.

I know there are many other family trips and adventures in our future, but for a while it will be more difficult to find a time that works for everybody’s schedules. Our family is going through that awkward stage of the college years, with our children coming home to “visit”- not “living” here anymore, creating their new lives, etc. And, in truth, that’s what I am doing, too. I am creating my new life. And I realized that I can go on Spring Break anytime I want to!

It has literally taken me this long to get it into my mind that I am no longer confined to the 9-5 Mon-Sun rules of the week. Since I freelance I have always enjoyed great flexibility, but as soon as it got close to three o’clock I was always on Mom duty-and all you parents out there know that I am talking about my second job, when I kicked off my heels and changed into a pair of running shoes. But that all changed this year.

My life is new and different this year since becoming an Empty Nester, and so am I. I started this blog, I have many different projects in the works, including my first book. I love making people laugh, writing and performing, as part of the comedy variety group “Feminine Hyjinx”, I am working on my next solo show, too, and many other projects I am excited to share with you as they come along. I hope you will continue to join me, and cheer me on- or cheer me up, as I continue to reinvent myself!

I have no intention of slipping comfortably into life like a pair of worn out slippers. This is one “Boomer Babe” that plans on kicking the bucket in a fabulous pair of stilettos!

I think I hear the beach calling me, now~Cheers! to Spring Break without the kids!

~Sunny xo

P.S. If you haven’t yet, I hope you will take a minute and check out a sneak peek of my book under the “Book” tab. I can’t wait to share it with you guys. As always, I appreciate everyone that follows me here and that takes the time to comment. Thanks so much:)

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